Eng-Camp 2014!

Eng-Camp 2014!


We want to gather and reflect together as the school year draws to a close. Please join us for a casual, ed-camp style gathering on June 7th. There are more details here, and you can register (for FREE) here.

Please comment in this post to carpool with others near you, whether you have space in your vehicle or need a ride.

I’m so looking forward to spending time processing my school year with anyone who can make it.

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    1. Allison Berryhill

      Hi Donna! As of now I have five people in my vehicle that holds seven. We will be coming right past Ames. If you don’t find others to carpool with, call me (712)249-5263 and we can pick you up on our way by!

      1. Donna Niday

        Allison, great! How about if you pick me up in the Pizza Ranch parking lot which will be on the right side of 13th Street (just take the second exit for Ames—13th Street—off Interstate 35. I’ll be there around 7:30-8:15, so anytime in there will be fine. I left my cell phone number on your answering machine. Thanks!


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