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The Iowa Council of Teachers of English is the volunteer organization that facilitates deep connections and professional learning face-to-face and online for English/language arts teachers of all stages.

Fall Conference

Join us for the 2014 Fall Conference Oct. 9–10 in Johnston, Iowa. Register at http://bit.ly/icteafc14 Propose a breakout at www.tinyurl.com/ICTE2014Present Reserve a room by calling the Stoney Creek Inn at (515) 334-9000.

Invitation to Write

What's happening in Iowa English/Language Arts classrooms? Come here to find news, views, and resources you can use.

ICTE Awards

Recognize the excellence of others in English/language arts!

06th Sep
September Invitation to Write

September Invitation to Write

This month’s ICTE Invitation to Write theme is “Letters to Students.” Check out the Invitation to Write page for more information. Join us as we share writings from fellow English teachers across the state. To read posts from our August topic, “Winning Beginnings,” go to our Teacher Writing page at http://ictewritings.blogspot.com.

13th Aug
ICTE Teacher Writings Page

ICTE Teacher Writings Page

The new ICTE Teacher Writings page is now up and running! Here we will be posting submissions from fellow English teachers on our monthly Invitation to Write, as well as other commentaries, reflections, narratives, and book reviews. Check out the site and begin following: http://ictewritings.blogspot.com/

09th Jul
Adult students studying together

Invitation to Write for ICTE

Time to practice what you preach! Put your mind in motion and your pen to the page!

We encourage all members to engage in discussion and reflection through writing for the ICTE website.

Read this post to discover the details.

06th Jun
Eng-Camp 2014: Important Links

Eng-Camp 2014: Important Links

I’m looking forward to a great day at Eng-Camp 2014 tomorrow! Here are some links you may find useful to help you navigate the day. If you are unable to attend, check out the Schedule of Session Notes to investigate the conversations you missed. We’ll also be posting updates at #engcamp2014, so please join us on Twitter […]

26th May
This I Believe: Make Wise Choices (How do you end your year?)

This I Believe: Make Wise Choices (How do you end your year?)

This year I am ending 8th grade with speaking essentials.  Our last task is a This I Believe speech.  Here is mine. Make wise choices. I’ve dismissed nearly every class period of my teaching career with this admonition. I believe that if my students hear it repeated often enough, and most will hear it 180 times, […]

09th May

Eng-Camp 2014!

We want to gather and reflect together as the school year draws to a close. Please join us for a casual, ed-camp style gathering on June 7th. There are more details here, and you can register (for FREE) here. Please comment in this post to carpool with others near you, whether you have space in […]

28th Apr

Review: Close Reading and Writing from Sources

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey offer significant, intelligent, and balanced ideas about close reading and the Common Core in Chapter 2, “Close Reading of Complex Texts” from their IRA Close Reading and Writing from Sources (2014). They open the Chapter 2 like this: “Deep understanding, and writing in response to that understanding, begins with close […]

20th Feb

Book Love + Google Sheets = Happy Teacher

This is part of a New Year’s resolution that I titled “Visible Teaching, Visible Learning.” It originally started with a goal to help my students make their own learning more visible through blogging, and then I started to think about how I need to model my own visible learning and how I need to make […]

20th Feb

We Real Cool: Kindling the Literacy Fire (2013 Fall Conference)

2013 Fall Conference Headquarters Read the Conference Schedule Preview the Breakout Schedule Take the ICTE Advocacy Survey Read Teri Lesesne’s Blog Read Penny Kittle’s Blog Read Molly Backes’s Blog

10th Oct
Question under loupe

Behind the Nameplate Conference Contest

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is on the left, and the beginning of John Greene’s The Fault in Our Stars is on the right. Congratulations to Charles Ripley who successfully answered at 12:55:59! Teresa Lawler was a close second at 12:56:04. Honorable mention goes to 3. Kate Engelkes 4. Jennifer Hartwig 5. Ginny Seibert 6. Erin […]