ICTE Conference 2017: Empowered by Story, United Through Words

Oct. 12 & 13 • Johnston, Iowa

Meet up to learn with our keynote speakers, Christine Dawson, author of The Teacher-Writer:  Creating Writing Groups for Personal and Professional Growth and Thomas Newkirk, author of Minds Made for Stories: How We Really Read and Write Informational and Persuasive Texts. Don’t forget the worthwhile discussions, unique learning, and life-changing networking with many knowledgable colleagues around the state.

Present at Annual Fall Conference

Share your experiences with other ICTE members! We’d love for you to be a breakout presenter for either a 10-minute mini-presentation or a full 50-minute session. Proposals are due by Friday, Sept. 22.

Recognize a peer for excellence!

ICTE has five annual awards for excellence. Nominate a peer today using our easy online applications.

News & Notes

Teacher Writings

  • To Lose a Student

    Today I sat in the bleachers of our high school gymnasium as we celebrated the life of Cody Wills, a May 2017 graduate,...

  • Where to Start?

    My anxiety shows up the minute I start to put myself back in school mode.   I am overwhelmed with everything that n...

  • I have a confession. For me, it’s never really about who they’re dating or last night’s game. After twenty-five years, p...

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