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The Iowa Council of Teachers of English is the volunteer organization that facilitates deep connections and professional learning face-to-face and online for English/language arts teachers of all stages.

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Join us for the 2014 Fall Conference Oct. 9–10 in Johnston, Iowa. Registration opens this summer.

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What's happening in Iowa English/Language Arts classrooms? Come here to find news, views, and resources you can use.

20th Feb

Book Love + Google Sheets = Happy Teacher

This is part of a New Year’s resolution that I titled “Visible Teaching, Visible Learning.” It originally started with a goal to help my students make their own learning more visible through blogging, and then I started to think about how I need to model my own visible learning and how I need to make […]

20th Feb

We Real Cool: Kindling the Literacy Fire (2013 Fall Conference)

2013 Fall Conference Headquarters Read the Conference Schedule Preview the Breakout Schedule Take the ICTE Advocacy Survey Read Teri Lesesne’s Blog Read Penny Kittle’s Blog Read Molly Backes’s Blog

10th Oct
Question under loupe

Behind the Nameplate Conference Contest

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is on the left, and the beginning of John Greene’s The Fault in Our Stars is on the right. Congratulations to Charles Ripley who successfully answered at 12:55:59! Teresa Lawler was a close second at 12:56:04. Honorable mention goes to 3. Kate Engelkes 4. Jennifer Hartwig 5. Ginny Seibert 6. Erin […]

03rd Oct

Kindling the Literacy Fire: 2013 Fall Conference links

Join us at the 2013 ICTE Annual Fall Conference on Oct. 10 and 11 in Johnston, Iowa. Teri Lesesne, author of Reading Ladders, Naked Reading, and Making the Match, is the Thursday Keynote speaker. Penny Kittle, author of Write Beside Them and Book Love, is the Friday Keynote speaker. Join Penny on Thursday night for […]

11th Jun

Pulling Up the Roots by Mark Schillerstrom

Nearly 30 years ago, I had the opportunity to hear Donald Graves speak at the Iowa Writing Project’s Fall conference. One of the topics he addressed was assessment. In those days, the drum beat for incessant assessment was just beginning, and today as it is reaching a crescendo, I remembered an analogy that Graves used […]

09th Feb

A Summary of “Building World Class Schools for Iowa: A Legislative Brief” from the DE & the Governor’s Education Bill ~Jeff Finn, ICTE Advocacy Chair

1.       Changes for Returning Teachers: a.       Career Path System: i.      Take effect 2016-2017 ii.      Model Structure: 1.       Initial Teacher a.       No more than 75% teaching load b.      I believe everything else is the same as before 2.       Career Teacher- No change 3.       Model Teacher a.       School board appointed site-based review council comprised of equal members […]

06th Jan

Managing the Common Core Document—Just the Document

Setting aside the discussion that should surround the implementation of the Common Core, a little attention needs to be paid to the document itself—the actual PDF or Word version that can be downloaded from the Iowa Department of Education website (http://www.educateiowa.gov/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2328&Itemid=4340). The physical design of the document has not really facilitated easy use at a […]